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February 13, 2000

This is collection of qplot projects from 2011 - 2014.

PeopleDesigns OBChat

Dates: May 8th 2014 - Jun 16th 2014, Dates: ? Hours:

Description: Provided Laravel 4 architect and development for a hospital startup counseling program to help pregnant women to quite smoking.. The project splits into discovery, phase I, phase II and deployment stages, and requires to create flexible book chapter tree hierarchy layout, digital audio/video integration and patient usage tracking. Twitter Bootstrap are used for fast prototype. The site has been used by 18 doctors in the field.


  • Book chapter modeling:Book index, section, subsection, subsubsection, etc.
  • Custom Design: use bootstrap to fast prototype site.
  • Audio Naration: auto play audio, video with transcript.
  • Page customization: Each book page can have different interaction and logic and error handling.
  • Page Navigation: hierarchy book structure next prev navigation with scriptable conditional destination.
  • Usage Tracking: Track patient activity with visitors book coverage.
  • Twilio two factor login authentication which sends SMS confirmation number before login
  • Browser: Support Chrome Safari Firefox and IE 8,9,10
  • Responsive: Custom layout for iPad portait and landscape, and desktop screen size

Tags: Laravel, Startup Usage: 5 ob doctors

Harvard HAARP

Dates: Feb 2014 - May 2014 Hours: Description: Provided Drupal 7 architect and development for Harvard university HR hiring process. The project creates 8 content types, 6 user roles, and 6 custom workflow supporting 5 distinct hiring state. Fields are shared between different content and has custom permission control built-in to limit access by user roles and hiring states. Automatic tests has been performed to rigorously make sure each user role and hiring state is implemented correctly. Highlights:

  • Ö Data Modeling: candidate, instructor, location etc.

  • Ö Workflow and Permissions:design workflow states and transition permissions.

  • Ö Automated Test:Design automatic web test to test user role and permissions.

  • Ö Form Customization: conditional fields with roles permissions.

Practice-Greenhealth Awards

Dates: Nov 2013 - Apr 2014 Hours: half years Description: Provided Drupal 7 architect and development for a hospital startup environmental excellence awards application which consists 8000 questions in 7 major sectors. The project splits into discovery, phase I, phase II and deployment stages, and requires to create 4 user roles, 15 content types, 12 custom modules and 26 admin views. The project takes 9 month and 2000 billable hours by a team with two developer (me as the lead) and one project manager. The site has been launched with stats of 800,000 responses, 200 hospitals and 25,000 peek daily page views. Highlights:

  • Ö Data Modeling: application, question, business unit etc.

  • Ö Data Migration: large google doc collaboration and import.

  • Ö User Interface: custom landing page and dashboard design.

  • Ö Score Management: mass assignment with import and export.

AlphaMed-Press Stemcell

Dates: Sep 2013 - Jul 2014 Hours: Description: Redesign in Drupal 7 architect and migration from legacy Joomla site of two flagship sites Stemcell and Oncologist which integrateds with iPhone/iPad app using “One Web” solution and pulling articles daily through Stanford Hirewire. The site requires 8 user roles, 22 content types, 26 custom modules and 160 admin views. They hosts 3000 articles, 48,000 registered users and 120,000 unique visits per month.


  • Ö Data Modeling: article, interactive Ads, image, video and poll etc.

  • Ö Data Migration:custom migration from Stanford HighWire.

  • Ö User Interface: desktop / mobile theming and interaction.

  • Ö Content Management: import/export and manage content categories.

Duke University Advising

Dates: Feb 2013 - Aug 2013 Hours: Description: Redesign in Drupal 7 architect of department landing page and new students advising network application. The project splits into discovery, development, theming and support stages, and requires 300 panel layouts, 12 content types, 10 custom modules and 60 custom views and took 8 month and 1000 billable hours to finish for single developer. After the launch the site has been used by 1,400 undergrades, 640 faculties in 50 majors. Highlights:

  • Ö Data Modeling: page, panel and widgets.

  • Ö Layout Design: create various combination of page layouts.

  • Ö User Interface: apply layout pattern to multi departments.

  • Ö Directory Search: integrated with internal directory search.

  • talk about import !!

Plusdelta Technologies PharmtracPD

Dates: Feb 2012 - Feb 2013

Hours: Description: Build startup flagship product that tracks medication inside hospitals like Fedex. I help build a medication tracking and workflow process improvement solution for hospital pharmacies that uses handheld smart mobile technology with an integrated web-enabled software that verifies, records and monitors every step in the process of medication preparation, dispensing, and delivery. The project mainly builds an API that can talk to mobile devices and takes 1 year with 2000 billable hours to finish. It has been deployed and used by 4 hospitals. Highlights:

  • Ö Data Modeling: dispense, med, order, and locations.

  • Ö Tracking Workflow: design workflow states for medications.

  • Ö Mobile Integration: design API to connet with devices.

  • Ö Tracking Wallboard: large screen monitor for hospital activity.


: 2012 : ArchSmart LLC, contracting for Department of Homeland Security : Drupal Solr {.labels} : Test&Evaluation Data Archival Repo will provide a repository for T&E event data, M&S event data, and other analysis event data, consisting of very large amounts of processed and raw structured and unstructured detection device data collected by T&E and M&S events and analyses of these data. Authorized users will be able to search for and access these data collections and retrieve data relevant to their business needs, such as performing engineering analyses and studies.


: Matlab visualization package for simulation data

QPlot Windows Software

QPlot Windows Software

: 09/28/2006 : Windows sotware which serves two purposes. A) Visualize scatter data from your notpad, supporting line point series and tabular column field data. B) Allow to extract data value from published graph tilt graph and irregular shape graphs is supported.

FJLib Bubble

: Numerical library for bubble simulations : 06/12/2003 : C++, Object Oriented :

with strategy, design, system and more ...