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Consequences of the Bailout

July 26, 2018

There’s nothing wrong to protect your people, your society or your finance. We should be thankful if someone is protecting us when we are kids. However, every action comes with its consequences. And a grow-up should accept the consequences.


The common human principle is based on carrot and stick mechanism. If you are doing something wrong, your parents aren’t happy. They might punish you in a way so next time you think twice before you do it again. Tough love.

Our society is build on top of this principle. Right or wrong, it does provide a negative feedback so that an equilibrium can be reached if things go too far from it.

Just imagine if we don’t have this principle for a second. If we do things wrong and the society doesn’t punish us, instead it let me go with some awards The intention might be good, since lots of people had done things wrong, instead of punishing all the people, let’s just establish a write-off so that we don’t have to deal with this as a nation.

This is called Bailout.


Now you need to face the consequences, both to you and the society that protected you. Because no matter on the surface we end up in a good state or not, fundamentally the Bailout changed one aspect of our root principle of the society.

“It says you will not get punished if you do the wrong thing.” You might think this makes bad guy very happy. More than that, it makes normal guys like us very very confused.

This confusion causes the stagnation of the nation, because now we have to rethink (as a human) what is the new principle. People can’t live without principles, at least not common people.

Managers needs to come up new ways to fulfill this void, at the same time, they need to deliver this new version of principle to his people. Of course he never get trained on the first place about this principle fulfilling crap. He is never God. In order to save his job, he had to get confused and keep confusing others at the same time. This is nightmare time for managers whoever in the middle of people and God who created the principle. Because they are the first few to choose to favor or against the flow.


This is the time that people need to adapt. This is the time that the old principle doesn’t hold any more and new principle is about to emerge.

Defense mechanism shoots out quickly to help all of us pass this period of time in history. We don’t want to get confused, and we want to keep us sane, so defense mechanism helps us to formulate some solutions to remedy this dilemma. It might help the manager to be creative to defend their current job, and it might help the worker to shift his interest to other human thing.

We need to loose ourselves, we are experiencing some dark time, maybe you can say this is revolutionary if you call 1930 recession revolutionary. You should give yourself some credit, because it’s not just you but the whole nation of the principle void.

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